Glenn Simpson: The New Yorker version

(Scott Johnson) John Cassidy reviews the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee staff for readers of the New Yorker in “The Digger Who Commissioned the Trump-Russia Dossier Speaks.” As one might infer from the headline’s reference to Simpson as “the digger,” Cassidy takes Simpson’s account of himself at face value. Cassidy gives no hint of the anomalies, peculiarities, and inanities in Simpson’s testimony.
Power Line readers may want to contrast Cassidy’s narrative account of Simpson’s testimony with John’s notes on it here and with mine here and here. I found the contrast interesting. Hey, maybe we’re too cynical.
In Cassidy’s telling, unless I have missed something, Simpson’s work for Prevezon and Simpson’s close encounters with the infamous Natalia Veselnitskaya disappear. When Cassidy comes to the Trump/Steele dossier, he writes: “In any case, when Steele sent in his first memorandum, which was thirty-five pages long and dated June 20,

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