Global overview of imminent strategic threat

WASHINGTON – No one saw the so-called “Syrian refugee crisis” until it was too late, explains a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.
As a result, Europe may never recover, the future of the French and English cultures may never be the same, and it probably triggered the breaking point for the European Union.
Is there another unforeseen refugee apocalypse in the making right now? Yes, there is. But, again, no one is recognizing it, talking about it, reporting on it.
This one is being triggered almost predictably by the collapse of the Venezuela economy, infrastructure and government.
What is in the news daily regarding Venezuela are the symptoms – food shortages, soaring murder rates, the new narco-economy, people dying from lack of medical care, children poring through garbage dumps for food.
This in a nation that five years ago seemed to be sitting on unlimited oil resources capable of carrying the economy forward for

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