Gowdy to Strzok: Please explain why you texted “F Trump” before interviewing a single witness

There may not have been much new substance revealed during Peter Strzok’s testimony, as Jazz predicted, but everyone got to watch a lot of score-settling. Republicans in the hearing went after Strzok, Strzok went after them, Democrats and Republicans fought with and talked over each other, and voters got another reason to either cheer or boo depending on who was talking at the moment.
How bad were the disconnects? No one seemed to agree how Strzok ended up at the table today, let alone what he could be asked. Strzok ended up facing a charge of contempt of Congress for refusing to give Rep. Trey Gowdy the number of people he interviewed before beginning his text tirades about Donald Trump:

GOP lawmakers are growing frustrated with Peter Strzok’s refusal to share details on the Russia investigation at his House Judiciary and Oversight Committees hearing.
Strzok, the FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts, also

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