Great news. The United Nations will try to outlaw cultural appropriation

Like me, I’m sure most of you feel that the issue of “cultural appropriation” is one of the defining debates of our time, far more so than petty concerns over things like terrorism, war or an exploding national debt. (Okay… I’ll stop with the sarcasm for a while.) But what to do about it? In the United States we have all of these pesky rules about free speech embedded in our constitution and a history of allowing free expression for individuals. How do you get around that?
Never fear. The United Nations is ready to rush to the rescue. If a major committee in that august body has their way, they will soon try to force all of the member nations to punish people guilty of adopting the visible, culinary or audible benchmarks of other cultures. (Vice)
Indigenous groups around the world are currently calling on the United Nations to make the

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