Grounds for optimism on the confirmation front? I’m not convinced

(Paul Mirengoff) Some of us have been clamoring for Mitch McConnell to take special measures to break the logjam on Senate confirmation of Trump nominees for the judiciary and key sub-cabinet positions. One such measure would be to limit the number of hours nominees can be debated on the Senate floor, as the Senate agreed to do when Obama nominees were waiting their turn. Another would be to have the Senate work a full week and maybe even some weekends. A third would be to delay the August recess.
The Majority Leader seems to doubt the need for such measures. He says Democrats are being less obstructionist than before:

The cooperation has picked up some this year. The ability to confirm nominees has improved. The attitude of the Democrats seems to be better. That’s the best way to solve the problem. To get back to some degree of normalcy.

McConnell has shown himself

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