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Hacked, Self-Inflicted Wounds, & Resurrected: The World Kept Spinning

The Konservative Kartel has been offline for a few days because of a series of events that began with the site being hacked.  As a political commentary site, being attacked could be seen as a badge of honor if the attacker represented an enemy state.  That was not the case, nor was it ISIS or Al Qaeda.  The culprits appear to reside in a former Soviet Republic, and the attack was likely related to opportunity instead of site content.  Although the event was anticipated, and protocols were in place to restore the site within minutes; we decided to wing it without a quick refresher on our internal procedures.  The result was we did more harm to our database than the hackers could have wished to inflict.  Accepting we would be offline for at least 24 hours, we made some overdue improvements that have resulted in a better version of the Konservative Kartel.  Unfortunately, the world did not wait for our return, and here are some quick thoughts on the news during the past week.

Supreme Court takes on Marriage Equality

It became clear the Supreme Court would have to tackle the controversial issue of gay marriage once the District Courts issued contradicting opinions.  While we do not oppose same sex marriage, we are confident that the 14th Amendments Equal Protection Clause does not extend to gender marriage preferences.  Ideally, we would prefer SCOTUS to recognize the rights of each state to define marriage laws, but more importantly we desire the GOP cease efforts to oppose same sex marriage.  It is doubtful either take place as we expect the Roberts Court to take the perceived easier path by extending protection to marriage preferences.  Sadly, we are more confident the Republican Party will remain entrenched in its current misguided position.

State of the Union – White House Version

The good news is we only have to listen the delusional claims of President Obama in this format one more time.  The bad news is this year was more disappointing than the previous six attempts.  Even many of his early supporters have lost confidence in the Presidents leadership.  He boasted of a lower unemployment rate, refusing to recognize much of the decline has been a result of declining workforce participation.  His only answers continue to be reckless spending, and income redistribution.  Stay strong America, it’s almost over.

Deflate Gate

As Americans, we continue to view sports through a utopian lens that has never existed.  Cheating, bending the rules, or whatever you prefer to label it has been a part of athletic competition since inception.  Moreover, rules and controls will only shape the direction of these efforts as long as the potential rewards are so much greater than the potential penalties.  Deflated NFL FootballIt is likely the Patriots were involved in removing air from the balls, Brady had some level of knowledge the balls were deflated, and even Bill Belichick knew of the practice.  It is even more likely that none of those facts would prevent the other 31 NFL teams from dumping their coach tomorrow if they could hire Bill Belichick.  Not in spite of events such as Deflate Gate, but because of it and his continuous efforts to obtain an edge in every game.  There are only two real “golden rules” in athletic competition; the first is to win, and the second is to never seek long term physical injury to the opponent.  Everything else is mostly is a combination of feel good claims and optional tactics.  Of course there should be consequences for breaking the defined rules, but let’s just diminish the outrage every time someone actually gets caught.

Reverend Al attempts Hollywood Shakedown

Soon after Oscar nominations were announced, Al Sharpton thought he saw an opportunity for easy money by claiming the nominations proved institutional racism.  The problem was there wasn’t much material to even make a fictitious case.  Most reports point to Selma not receiving more nominations, but Selma received lukewarm reviews from many circles.  I was disappointed by the movie, and I suspect as a person that has a significant interest in the civil rights era, I was part of the target audience.  It simply missed the mark, but I am unsure that it was ever possible to meet the needed standard for several reasons.  First, the movie was not about Martin Luther King, Jr., but at the same time MLK is the main figure during the events in Selma.  For most Americans including myself, MLK is too “big” to simply be a character in a larger story.  Although the movie may have portrayed King accurately in image, there is something deeper inside of us that needs him to be 10 feet tall; not average height and soft spoken.  Similar to George Washington, Hollywood almost always fails with the exception of the HBO mini-series John Adams.  History portrays Washington as an intimidating figure with an unreal presence, therefore a 6’1” actor from San Jose will not cut it.  We need the same when MLK is portrayed.  More importantly, the events in Selma were relatively recent, and we are not required to rely on paintings and partial writings to illustrate our image of events.  We have seen the grainy images and footage of Selma, and they create instant emotions of sadness, anger, pride and about 25 other common emotions.  A pretty tall order for a film director or actor.  As a side note, if the winner is announced and it is any other film besides Whiplash, a great crime has been committed.

Michael Moore Begs for Attention

Just as Clint Eastwood’s biopic film about Navy Seal Chris Kyle, American Sniper, began to take over the headlines; leftist propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore reminded Americans why they hate him.  Moore, known for Michael Mooresuch fears as Fried Chicken being sold in serving sizes smaller than a bucket, sent out a tweet that said something about his uncle being killed in WWII by a sniper which caused his family to consider snipers to be cowards.  A few others such as “burnout” Seth Rogen appeared to support Moore’s position, but the overwhelming majority of Americans recognized the effort as classless.  I will keep it short on Moore, but the sadness of Moore needing to beg for attention at this point in his career should be noted.  Moore is a talented filmmaker, but allowed his far left views to lead him to begin to create dishonest propaganda films.  While he had made millions and lived a first class life, he attempted to push an anti-capitalist divisive message.  Americans recognized the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and overall low-life character of Moore.  Hence, a talented and despicable human left seeking crumbs of attention by attacking a deceased real American hero.

New Attorney General Nominee: Obama Apple-Polisher

The announcement of Loretta Lynch as the nominee to replace Attorney General Holder was mostly met with a yawn a few months ago.  Most Republicans assumed anything would be better than Holder, and a fight against the first African American Female Attorney General may not be the smartest fight.  I tended to agree with the sentiment until Ms. Lynch showed up in Washington and appeared to have a personalized version of the Constitution at home.  Lynch routinely failed to provide a simple answer to basic questions, and not only supported President Obama making up his own immigration laws, but claimed it is a “right” of all individuals in America to obtain employment with no difference between citizens, legal residents, or illegal aliens.  If confirmed, Lynch will act in a similar fashion to Holder and operate as an agent of Obama’s lawlessness.

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