Hades in Haiti: Pillaging Port-au-Prince

This past weekend, the Haitian government, headed by Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, announced price spikes on oil products. The economic shock has rocked Haiti, inciting the worst riots since the coup d’état of the early 1990s. Haiti, the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, continues to be the victim of government planning and financial recklessness.
In a not-so-sly political move, Lafontant upped oil prices during the Belgium v. Brazil world cup game Friday. Haiti’s team lost and so did the Haitians. Oil rose some 38% , Diesel 47% , and 51% on kerosene. For the average Haitian, who lives on about three dollars a day, there’s reason aplenty to riot.
How did the island nation get here? Haiti was once a member of the now flailing PetroCaribe which supplied Venezuelan oil on the cheap. Akin to Russia’s weaponization of natural gas in Eastern Europe, PetroCaribe was Venezuela’s vehicle for resource nationalism. Over

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