Haiti a Shithole?: New at Reason

Most Americans view Haiti in much the way Trump describes it. The United States’ responsibility for its awful state has a long history, Tate Watkins writes.

To be clear, the Haitian state and its leaders have perpetually hamstrung their own people, when not outright decimating them. But Haiti’s history also includes a United States that initially refused to acknowledge or trade with the second free republic in the New World—the first free black republic, borne of a successful slave revolution. It includes two decades of occupation by U.S. Marines, a time when free Haitians were conscripted into chain gangs and shot dead for attempting to escape. It includes hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to a father-son dictatorship whose three-decade reign ruined the country’s economy and murdered thousands of citizens. And it includes a foreign aid faucet that continues to flow today, despite the ill incentives it creates. Tweaks to

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