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Harry Potter and the Reason to Read Another Book

The Harry Potter series is the defining work of literature for many Millennials. It has no doubt had an impact, and despite being a children’s series, it is something that many people have carried a love of into adulthood. But, there is a difference between loving a children’s series and using it as the basis for your moral and political arguments as an adult. Books for children intentionally create situations with good-vs.-evil-cut-and-dried morality, but that is not the way that real life is.
This was taken to a whole new level in an article put out yesterday by Grist, wherein, Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh was called “The Lord Voldemort of the environment”. The person delivering this ad hominem was ironically named Bill Snape, and is senior counsel at The Center for Biodiversity as well as a senior fellow at American University. Not only did the article make this comparison, it also

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