Harvard Goes Full Dean Wormer in Banning Frats

A private school that admits five percent of its applicants seeks to ban private clubs because of their exclusivity.
You can tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him he’s a hypocrite.
The Committee on the Unrecognized Single-Gender Social Organizations, a clique that excluded most Harvard faculty members, recommends that the institution forbid students from joining any private quasi-campus organization not recognized by the Cambridge, Massachusetts school. Harvard President Drew Faust makes the final decision. But, given the standard-operating procedure of colleges determining the desired results of committees by rigging their composition, it’s difficult to see her rejecting the recommendations.
The edict impacts not only the Fox Club, which recently made headlines by reverting to a dudes-only policy, but the mixed Hasty Pudding Club and the four for-females finals clubs as well.
Currently, the school blackballs members of the unrecognized single-gender groups from holding leadership positions in student government, the captaincies of sports

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