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Here Comes Inflation

It’s almost two weeks into the New Year and it already shows signs of being just as crazy as the old year was. To begin with, my life has been upside down for about one solid year since my wife came down with what seems to be a horrible case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
This disease leaves her exhausted, confused, panicky, alternating between feeling hungry and being unable to eat. It leads to her feeling worried about trivia like brands of laundry detergent and unconcerned about terrible fires flaring up close to our house in Malibu.
Never mind. We’re not in Malibu tonight. We’re in Rancho Mirage, California. Now, take note. Friends ask me why I live in super high tax California. I can’t afford the taxes any longer and the new Trump tax plan makes them worse than ever. Plus, the schools are terrible. The freeways are crowded. And a stifling

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