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Here’s how Bernie Sanders might have just hinted at a 2020 presidential run

Pundits believe that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) might have just signaled a presidential run in 2020 by announcing a visit to a pivotal state in the election.

“Continue the movement”
Sanders will appear in Iowa at a rally for Pete D’Alessandro, a former campaign aide who is running for Congress as a Democrat.
“Bernie knows that we need bold, progressive leaders in Congress if we’re going to change the direction of our country,” D’Alessandro said.
“That’s why I’m proudly supporting Medicare for All, a $15/hour living wage, and free college tuition for those who work hard,” he added. “We can take our country back and continue the movement Bernie started here in 2016.”
Sanders return to Iowa is taken by many as a sign he’s going to run for president in the next election. This will be the third time he’s visited Iowa since the 2016 election, where he lost to Hillary Clinton

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