Here's How Green Sausages Get Made In The Swamp — It Isn't Very Pretty

Green Lobbying: “Laws are like sausages,” the old saying goes. “It’s better not to see how they get made.” The same is also true for federal environmental policies. Case in point: Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s review of U.S. green-energy policies.
Perry had a great idea: Why not conduct a 60-day review of green-energy policies to see how they would affect the U.S.’ electrical grid?
A leaked memo that was obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation  shows how Washington works. When Perry announced his review in April, the American Wind Energy Association, the main lobbyist for wind producers, kicked into high gear. It plotted to go after politicians, regulators and green-energy supporters in the press to fight Perry’s study for “supporting baseload sources such as coal and nuclear.”
Perry was interested in finding out whether all the regulations, taxes and subsidies that benefit the green-energy providers were hurting the power industry and “forcing

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