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Here’s the number of people that could be impacted by Medicaid work requirements

Ten states have requested or plan to implement work requirements for Medicaid recipients, and a new report has shed some light on what kind of human and financial impact those requirements could have.
The Trump administration has been supportive of states that want to enact requirements to mandate that able-bodied Medicaid recipients work or perform other community engagement tasks to continue receiving benefits.
What are the numbers?
A study by the Health Research Institute shows that, if work requirements are approved in all 10 states that have requested them, about 1.7 million Medicaid beneficiaries could be impacted.
That population represents nearly $8 billion in annual medical expenditures, according to the report.
Currently, Indiana, Kentucky and Arkansas are the only three states with work requirements. Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Wisconsin have applied, and several other states have shown interest.
The work requirements require certain Medicaid beneficiaries to perform 20 hours per week of a

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