Hey tech giants, here's solution to your bias problem

President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Few doubt that most of the big tech and social media companies have a left-leaning bias.
Conservatives already have raised the issue, including urging the CEOs of those companies to start playing fair if they “wish to have any credibility with the conservative movement and its tens of millions of supporters.”
“Social media censorship and online restriction of conservatives and their organizations have reached a crisis level,” the statement says. “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hearings on Capitol Hill only served to draw attention to how widespread this problem has become.”
In addition, a coalition led by the Electronic Frontier is calling on the Internet giants to practice transparency and fairness.
“Users need to know why some language is allowed and the same language in a different post isn’t,” said Jillian York, director of international freedom of expression for EFF. “They also deserve to know how their posts were flagged – did a government flag it, was

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