Hollywood designer says he, others given list of things not to say for fear of offending celebrities

A-list shoe designer Manolo Blahnik revealed that he was given a list of things to avoid saying to celebrities for fear of offending them in the hypercharged #MeToo era. And he says he wasn’t the only one handed such a list.
What are the details?
In an interview with the Sunday Times’ Style’s section published Sunday, 75-year-old Blahnik said that he has a hard time navigating the appropriate things to say in such a politically correct worldwide climate.
Blahnik, who has been in the high-end shoe business for the last five decades, added that many compliments nowadays can be construed as sexual harassment.
And what’s on this alleged list?
During the interview — which centers on high fashion and culture — the Canary Islands-born London designer pulled no punches.
“I don’t even know what I can say now,” Blahnik explained. “The other day, I have on my table a list of things I cannot say to people. I cannot say,

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