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Holtzclaw update: Parole hearing, secret hearings, and conflicts galore

On Jan. 22-24, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board held hearings related to one of 36 counts against wrongfully convicted former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.
Four members of the board–Robbie Fullerton, Kris Steele (more on him in a moment), Allen McCall, and Tom Gillert–voted to deny Daniel parole on the charge. Board member Brett Macy, a former OCPD officer, former GOP Oklahoma County sheriff’s candidate, and son of notorious former District Attorney Bob Macy, recused himself.
Here is the parole board’s ballot:
Download [191.46 KB] Here is Daniel’s statement of innocence to the parole board:
Download [1.72 MB] Daniel’s father, Eric, also submitted a statement outlining the flawed investigation, shoddy science, mob rule at trial, prosecutorial misconduct, and constitutional violations that led to Daniel’s convictions:
Download [122.01 KB] The count at issue before the parole board (“Count 1”) involved an allegation of sexual battery by accuser Tabitha Barnes.
This is Tabitha Barnes

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