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How did Mark Sanford lose last night? Take a guess

When I woke up this morning, I flipped on Morning Joe only to hear the results of the South Carolina GOP primary for the 1st Congressional District. That would be the one currently held by Mark “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” Sanford. It quickly became obvious that Sanford had lost his primary to state legislator Kate Arrington. Scarborough was providing a glowing rundown of Sanford’s career, starting with his “remarkable” comeback after falling from grace, going on to note how much of a solid conservative he was. Joe then declared that Sanford’s loss was because he “said a couple of bad things about Donald Trump” and this was proof that the Republican Party is now a “Trumpist cult.” Seriously?
Here’s how NBC News covered the loss.
Hours after a last-minute broadside from President Donald Trump, South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Sanford lost his primary race on Tuesday night, according to The Associated Press,

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