How to watch a movie

(Scott Johnson) We need help learning how to watch a movie just as we do learning how to read a newspaper or a book. In its short history the art of film presents a wealth of riches. It’s easy to enjoy a good movie, but appreciating the art requires an education.
Titus Techera has arrived to lend us an eye in a series of movie podcasts that celebrated their first anniversary with Terry Teachout discussing Hitchcock’s challenging Vertigo. Titus is in great company with Teachout in this podcast, but he contributes every bit as much to the discussion as Teachout himself. He is an incredibly astute viewer. The Vertigo podcast is accessible along with the others in Titus’s series here and here.
Titus’s recent podcasts with Professor John Marini discussing John Ford are of particular interest to me. Ford was a profound student of American history in general and the Civil War

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