In fairness, being fair in D.C. media isn’t always easy

What’s fair in today’s hothouse media/political world?
Trouble is, fairness is very hard to define, as I learned during several decades working in U.S. media, government and politics. You think you know it when you see it. But these days pretty much everyone sees everything through a political prism that slants fairness toward their own view and against the news courier, the media.
This is not a defense of all media, of fake news, or news organizations that intentionally slant their stories, of which there are a good number. This is just an honest explanation of the trek to fairness by those who seek it.
In, well, fairness, being fair isn’t as easy as it sounds. For instance, someone makes a sexual harassment allegation against a public figure. The public part makes it news. The harvest of such recent charges makes it timely. But — News Flash — people make false accusations all

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