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Iranian Woman Receives Stunning Prison Sentence For Removing Hijab

While the #MeToo movement was raging on in Hollywood – with millionaire actresses being labled “brave” for keeping the secrets of infamous abusers for decades – a more powerful movement was exploding in Iran. Back in December/January (boy, doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago by now?) the Iranian people took to the streets to protest their oppressive government.
One woman put our current Americanized #MeToo’ed version of “brave” to shame by doing something truly rebellious – removing her hijab in public.

Shortly afterward the photo went viral  31-year-old Nasrin Sotoudeh disappeared. The hashtag #WhereIsShe popped up to bring awareness to her fate. It was soon revealed she had been arrested for daring to remove her head covering in public.
Sotoudeh wasn’t the only woman who dared to defy the Iranian regime and Sharia law. Shapark Shajarizadeh also did the same and was also arrested for her defiance. Tragically, Shajarizadeh has received a 20-year

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