Iran’s wider warning

(Scott Johnson) Omri Ceren writes from The Israel Project to draw attention to the AP story “Iran calls missile attack a wider warning.”:
Last week the Senate voted 98-2 to pass new Iran sanctions targeting 1st, Iran’s ballistic missile program and 2nd, the IRGC [a]. The Treasury Department had already been ramping up some measures against both: in February OFAC issued ballistic missile and IRGC designations, and in May it issued additional ballistic missile designations [b][c].
Yesterday the IRGC fired six Zolfaghar ballistic missiles into Syria. The Iranians unveiled the Zolfaghar in September, with a banner saying Iran could destroy the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa [d]. Iranian officials say the missile can carry multiple warheads and has a range of 700km [e]. That puts CENTCOM’s forward headquarters in Qatar in range.
Today an IRGC general said that yesterday’s launch hit ISIS assets and signaled Iran could target the U.S. and

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