Is the Deep State Attempting a Coup?

(John Hinderaker) That is a question I never thought I would need to ask. But, via InstaPundit, law professor Randy Barnett makes an alarming point:

Democrats’ #Resistance is creating a genuine constitutional crisis in which governmental power is not allowed by them to be peacefully transferred after a lawful election. The potential for escalation is very very dangerous.
— Randy Barnett (@RandyEBarnett) December 6, 2017
Barnett was responding to this tweet:

[email protected] reverses policies at @CFPB, #Resistance forms  “Dumbledore’s Army,” uses text messages and encrypted apps to secretly communicate about government business
— Josh Blackman (@JoshMBlackman) December 6, 2017
Administrative employees are nominally subject to the control of those appointed by politicians who have won elections, but Democrats embedded in the federal bureaucracy have proclaimed themselves part of the “resistance” to President Trump, and are using their positions to undermine his administration. Bureaucrats thus frustrate the will of the

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