Is the Fight on the Right a Civil War or a Paradigm Shift? Or Maybe Both?

I think much of the current chaos in American politics and the internecine battles among those of us who oppose the far left progressives are the result of a paradigm shift taking shape.
Physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn is credited with explaining the concept of a paradigm shift. The high level definition of a paradigm shift is just a fundamental change in the way something is done or how it is thought about. Kuhn’s work explained the process through which the shift happens in science. Here’s a very rough explanation of the process as I understand it.
If theory X is the dominant paradigm accepted by the scientific world but it is incomplete or incorrect, research will yield anomalous results. The anomalous results individually don’t disprove theory X but over time they build up and some scientists start to argue for theory Y. Often there is a bitter struggle as those who

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