Is this Trump’s “secret plan” to end DACA?

If you listen to NBC News (and several other outlets), the President has hatched a diabolical new top-secret plan to eliminate DACA and boot all of those lovable “Dreamers” out of the country once and for all. This comes as something of a surprise since the only things keeping DACA afloat at the moment are a couple of court injunctions, and upcoming congressional action may make the entire question moot anyway. But be that as it may, let’s examine this scheme. Take it away, NBC.
In a motion filed late Friday, Justice Department lawyers asked a judge in Texas to rule that the program violates federal immigration law. Assuming, as expected, that the judge grants the request and orders the government to stop enforcing DACA, the ruling would conflict with orders from two other federal courts that require continued enforcement of the program.
If faced with competing court orders, the Justice Department

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