Jake Tapper asks Sarah Palin if she was sexually harassed at Fox – here’s what she said

Jake Tapper interviewed former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin about the “upheaval” at Fox News over sexual harassment allegations, and the interaction has raised some eyebrows. The interview aired Thursday on CNN.
“I have to ask you a question and it’s kind of sensitive,” Tapper said, “but you are in a unique role being a strong woman who worked at Fox News channel as a contributor. Uhm, and I normally don’t cover a lot of media stories, but obviously the upheaval going on there with the CEO and its biggest star ousted because of sexual harassment, not just an issue at Fox News channel, but an issue across the country. And it seems to be, with what happened with Bill O’Reilly, really a change in corporate culture in terms of what is tolerated. What do you make of it?”
“Well I think the key there is, you said I used to be with

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