Judaism Is Flourishing in Europe Where Once It Was Almost Annihilated

When Hitler came into power before he tried to wipe out the entire Jewish population of Europe, he burned Jewish books: books written by Jews or about the Jewish religion or culture. He also decimated Jewish houses of worship and schools.
Jews have been referred to as the people of the book because they brought the Bible to the world. They also have been thought of as a bookish people, because literacy and study was a very large part of their culture and tradition. Until modern times, Jews weren’t allowed to belong to guilds or attend most universities, so Jews spent time in Jewish schools, studying the Five Books of Moses (The Torah), the Bible, the Talmud and other Jewish texts. Prestige was obtained in Europe by the Jewish population not by who was richest, but who was the greatest scholar.
A Rabbi from Canada, David Hofstedter, whose parents were Holocaust survivors,

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