Just Say No to Russia Joining the G-7

President Donald Trump has suggested that Russia should be allowed to rejoin the G-7.  As he left the White House for the summit in Canada, Trump said, “Russia should be in this meeting. They should let Russia come back in, because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.”  
No, it shouldn’t. 
The G-7 is composed of like-minded democracies
The G-7, or Group of Seven, began in 1973 when then-U.S. Treasury Secretary George Shultz invited the finance ministers from Germany, Great Britain and France to Washington to discuss economic policies. As the meeting grew in stature, the heads of state began attending and more countries were invited: Japan, Italy and Canada. Representatives from the European Union also attend the meetings. 
In the 1990s Russia began making overtures and attended the meetings as an “observer,” leading to the name G-7+1. Given that the Soviet Union had fallen and it appeared that Russia was transitioning

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