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Kamala Harris: Detaining illegal families together is also unacceptable

Child separation was bad policy but ultimately a red herring. It’s always been about open borders.

This Executive Order doesn’t fix the crisis. Indefinitely detaining children with their families in camps is inhumane and will not make us safe.
— Kamala Harris (@SenKamalaHarris) June 20, 2018
How soft do you have to be on immigration to piss off Marco Rubio? Now we know:

The ink isn’t even dry on the new executive order ending separation policy & some Democrats already arguing that keeping families together isn’t enough. Now they want them & their parents released after unlawful entry knowing full well that high % will never appear for hearing
— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) June 20, 2018
Catch-and-release, now and forever. For background on the legal nuts and bolts here, I’d direct you to — wait for it — Vox. (Really. Their immigration reporter, Dara Lind, knows her stuff.) Trump’s caught in a bind on detaining families

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