Kartel Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Your Registration and User Account
The registration information that you provide to Konservative Kartel is considered private and personal between you and Konservative Kartel , and is governed by the Konservative Kartel Privacy Policy. All user accounts are governed by and subject to the following rules:

Use of your account is expressly limited to you. Your account may not be transferred or shared with any other party, temporarily or permanently.

Konservative Kartel access is limited to persons age 18 and over.

You agree to bear sole responsibility for all use of your account and for the confidentiality of your password. To protect your privacy, Konservative Kartel  may suspend access or change access to your account immediately upon discovery that your account has been accessed by another person, or upon notification by you that your password has been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

You agree to provide an accurate email address. Konservative Kartel  may, at its sole discretion, suspend any account that is found to contain an invalid email address. Updates to your email address are made from your "My Profile" page.

Konservative Kartel  may need to communicate with each member from time to time. As a condition of service, all active members of Konservative Kartel  are required to receive routine and important "member service" announcements, via email, from Konservative Kartel . Member service email from Konservative Kartel  may not be considered "spam" or blocked or blacklisted on any Internet blacklist service.

If you have reason to believe that your account is no longer secure (for example, in the event of a loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of your ID, password or any credit, debit or charge card number stored on the Service), you must promptly change your password and notify Konservative Kartel  of the problem by giving notice via e-mail to [email protected]

To cancel your Account, go to your "My Profile" page and scroll down to the "Account Status" section.

Rules of Online Behavior

Konservative Kartel  does not screen or edit messages posted in message boards, comments made in chat rooms, blog entries, or any other user-created content. However, Konservative Kartel  reserves the right to monitor said content and to remove any objectionable material at any time, in our sole discretion. By viewing and/or participating in message boards, chat rooms, blogs, or any other services provided by Konservative Kartel, you acknowledge that you may encounter material that you find offensive. Konservative Kartel  disclaims any responsibility for said material.

By participating in any service of Konservative Kartel, you agree not to:

  • use services that are clearly identified as premium services unless you are a member in good standing at a subscription level that includes such services attach files to messages that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of another's computer
  • participate in such a way as to undermine the operation of Konservative Kartel , a forum, chat room, blog, or other Konservative Kartel  service use a message board, chat room, blog, or other service to harass others
  •  use Konservative Kartel  to disseminate any inappropriate, defamatory, libelous, threatening, infringing, obscene, or unlawful material or information, reveal personally identifiable information about another member, including but not limited to real name, address, and phone number, without that member's specific permission.violate any copyright law, or other intellectual property law
  • violate any criminal statute, engage in computer activity commonly known as a Denial of Service attack
  • promote the violation of this agreement

Any attempt to manipulate forum rankings by artificially inflating counts of visitors, message views, postings or other items used in determining the forum's standing will be considered a violation of this agreement, and subject to any and all punitive actions specified herein for such violations, including closure of forum and termination of account.

Konservative Kartel  disclaims all liability for messages appearing on message boards, comments made in chat rooms, Web pages hosted by Konservative Kartel , blog entries and comments, and other materials created by Konservative Kartel  users. Konservative Kartel  has no responsibility for such content and is merely providing access to such content as a service to you.

Use of distribution lists in electronic mail or other mass electronic mailings is subject to the approval of Konservative Kartel . Any unauthorized use of distribution lists is strictly prohibited, and may be discontinued at the sole discretion of Konservative Kartel .

By participating in Konservative Kartel , you agree not to impersonate any person or entity or falsely represent your affiliation with any person or entity.

Message boards, Web pages, chat rooms, blogs, and other services provided by Konservative Kartel  may not be used for unauthorized commercial purposes, including participation in any affiliate program. If, in the sole discretion of Konservative Kartel , you are found to be using Konservative Kartel  for any inappropriate commercial purpose, Konservative Kartel  reserves the right to take action to end said activity.

Konservative Kartel  may terminate your account if it believes, in its sole discretion, that you have violated any of the terms of this agreement, or that you have engaged in any behavior that Konservative Kartel  believes, in its sole discretion, is harmful to the operation of Konservative Kartel

To report abuse: [email protected]

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