The Kartel

The Konservative Kartel

We created the Konservative Kartel to provide voice to a growing element of the modern conservative movement which rarely fits within current one size fits all factions.  Self-Defined Conservatives, or Konservatives develop an ideology that originates in the same founding documents that all conservatives revere, but the journeys conclusion is less guided by expectations of external doctrine. We celebrate influence of great conservatives, but avoid guidance to conform our truths to their truths. We believe ideology has often been constrained through a process which an individual examines the political philosophy of previous periods, conforming their positions to the era’s doctrine, which results in an exit into the modern environment with little room to define individual ideology.

Kartel Guide

Conservatives often are evaluated with litmus tests weighted in Reagan Conservatism, but a Konservative’s only litmus test is the individual’s position supports personal responsibility, individual freedom and love of country. Our truths define our ideology.

Who is the Kartel

a konservative ramble...

The Kartel includes individuals that have always been here, but are beginning to emerge with a united voice behind the modern conservative movement. We stick out our chests as Americans when Toby speaks of “Lady Liberty Shaking her Fist”, simultaneously recognizing Pac’s “Me Against the World” speaks of the same nation. We often identify with the Republican Party, but some feel more at home identifying as Libertarians, Tea Party Members, or Conservatives. We wear these labels proudly, but will exchange them in a heartbeat with simply American whenever she finds herself threatened. Our core includes small government, personal freedom and a strong national defense, but we often inject similar passion in protecting life and equality for all Americans. We demonstrate great respect for the religious beliefs of many in regards to marriage, but refuse to follow our political party down the narrow path of limiting this freedom to a tradition, when our freedoms are not threatened. We are always ready to defend attacks on the Judeo Christian foundation that America was built on, but have no expectations of others to adopt as a faith. Most of us only know a racially integrated nation and are secure in our beliefs of equality. We are immune to baseless race bating attacks, and are more likely to respond with the display of a vertical digit to the small minded attacker instead of looking for cover. We understand that our political establishments must to be reminded that elected service was intended as a short term sacrifice for country to bring a voice representing the ideas of many, not an entitled role to spend a lifetime enriching themselves, their families, close friends and financial supporters. We believe in the strong defense that Reagan provided, but recognize that the Defense Department has failed like all other federal bureaucracies becoming wasteful and top heavy.  We follow the principles of Friedman and understand that for America to remain the shining city on a hill, she must always be open to an immigration system that is fair and functioning, but become lost in an environment that the leader of the nation calls the need to find solutions for individuals that came to our country in defiance of our law while feeling no need to address the tens of thousands of American families in the Appalachian region left unemployed and disenfranchised by an administrations misguided fossil fuel policies.

The Konservative Flow

We see a judicial system that determines how citizens are treated based on their socio-economic status which indirectly flood prisons with minorities that have not shown violence toward their fellow Americans. We are more saddened that minority caucuses in Washington find it more beneficial to play race bating games to hold onto personal power, while almost never taking a meaningful stand for these individuals that comprise significantly higher ratios of their communities. We work at gas stations, banks, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything that falls between as socio-economic status has little effect on our principles. We appear in the darkest and lightest of skin colors, including all shades between, but have little concern of this attribute that we never impacted nor provides insight of our character. Our MP3 players include samples of Johnny Cash, Jay-Z, Guns & Roses, Boyz II Men, Sinatra, Skynyrd, N.W.A. , the King of Pop and of course the King of Rock & Roll. We receive political entertainment from conservatives with the names Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter, but find our Northstar of ideology from Americans named Will, Krauthammer, and Sowell. We are very diverse in our life experiences with many finding the solemn tradition of the 21 Gun Salute as the most honored exit, while others would welcome “Hypnotize in Brooklyn”. We are the conservative movement that the failed political party establishments have feared, as our truths define our ideology. We are the Konservative Kartel.

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