Kellyanne Conway Slams Congress for Worrying About Midterms

It’s like the sole job of Trump’s surrogates is to go on national television and say really, really dumb stuff.
As is the habit of the Trump administration, it’s time to point the finger at everybody else, while showing a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.
Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning, and decided it would be a good time to slam Congress for thinking of the 2018 midterms.
“They shouldn’t be thinking about next year’s midterm elections,” Conway said on “Fox and Friends.”
“Here’s why, if you do your job well, you get reelected. If people feel like you’ve had a positive impact on their lives, and you put together the solutions, you put them forth and you pass them the way the president is doing, then your will get reelected,” she continued.
Conway’s comments are confusing, in light of the fact that we’re halfway through 2017, and as she said, midterms are

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