Kent State socialists can’t put politics aside to team up with capitalists for charity

Some people just can’t put politics aside.
Two capitalist student groups at Kent State University (Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty) challenged some socialist student groups to a canned food donation competition.
“We decided to engage in a friendly challenge in hopes to increase donations overall because a challenge is always a way to get people active and willing to participate, and to ease tensions that have been prevalent, said Kaitlin Bennett, president of Turning Point USA to Fox News.
The socialists weren’t having it.
Socialists put ideology over charity
Instead of agreeing to the competition, which would benefit people in need, the socialist groups opted to use the situation as a way to attack the capitalist groups and advance their own platform.
The Young Democratic Socialists of America issued a statement on Twitter:

“While this event would benefit the public greatly, we at YDSA do not work with organizations that promote/endorse figures who do

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