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Klown of the Week: Cenk Uygur

Hypocrisy was on display this week when Cenk Uygur embraced the role of “the pot” with claims that Glen Beck’s recent health disclosures were a ploy for attention.  Since losing his position at MSNBC, Uygur has consistently appeared desperate for attention, which we will provide in awarding him the Kartel Klown of the Week (ending 11/15/2014).  For those that know of Cenk Uygur, it is likely for classless acts in the past.  While there are several that stick out, claiming the disclosure of serious health problems are false without a shred of proof goes to the top of the list.  His claim became worse when his imagination led him to state that Beck was seeking attention because of a nearing bankruptcy, an event that is very unlikely based on the limited public knowledge of Beck’s earnings.

We are not countering Uygur’s statements, or claiming we know Beck’s claims were factual.  The Klown recognition is solely based on the depths Uygur will dive to attract attention.  It is clear that Uygur, host of the internet streaming show The Young Turks, is jealous of Beck’s continued success with The Blaze.  Beck and The Blaze have a strong following, and in the short term Uygur will likely get a spike in traffic for his show by attacking Beck.  It appears a little sad for The Young Turks, a show that claims to be the most watched show on the internet; another false statement by all relevant methods of measurement.  This act of classless behavior follows attention Uygur received a few weeks ago for tweeting that he was “wasted” in the early morning hours, maybe a first for a middle age man that claims to be a serious news media professional.  We assume he figured that image went out the window when he challenged Fox News Channels Sean Hannity to a fight on his show.  Lacking any level of intimidating physique outside of the block that sets atop his shoulders, Cenk Uygur took “internet tough guy” to a new level.

There are events in everyone’s life that causes pause and demands a change in approach, and being fired in favor of replacement Al Sharpton is definitely one of those events.  Sharpton, arguably the most unskilled host of a cable news program, was expected to be more attractive to viewers than Uygur.  It appears Uygur took a page from the Obama playbook; instead of examining the decision by MSNBC, reminding himself that there are 100’s of networks that have never terminated him for lack of appeal.  To say the least, he doubled down on repulsive stupidity, appearing satisfied being known more for immature antics than respectable journalism.  If this is the case, he is achieving his goals daily.

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