Klown of the Week: Female Grievance Industry

The Kartel Klown represents the individual or organization that has taken action in the past week that allows them to stand out from the crowd as foolish at best.  The Kartel Klown is an achievement for the week, but a title for eternity…

Roar!  The Kartel Klown of the week (ending 10/25/2014) include all of the Women’s Rights and Feminist groups that could not muster up the energy to loudly object to CNN Anchor Carol Costello and other media outlets for their reaction to the police recording from Bristol Palin after being assaulted by an unidentified man.  Costello received special recognition because of her creepy intro to the recording which included her giggling and claiming the recording was “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across”, subsequently telling the few people that actually watch Costello on CNN to “set back and enjoy”. The recording is the voice of Bristol Palin emotionally describing the assault of her and her sister to police.  This is the same Costello whose “blood was boiling” over the way the NFL handled the initial Ray Rice suspension. A few others that either had fun or seemed to disregard the fact that this was violence on females by males include MSNBC personnel, Talking Points Memo, and E! to name a few. In the current environment, one may think outrage and boycotts would follow from groups such as the National Organization for Women, but we got crickets.  Maybe Amnesty Internationals “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign had insight to offer?  None of these groups seemed to be bothered, not even Kartel favorite “Panty Raiders”.

In the spirit of honesty, we are not overly concerned with the media choosing to make light of the audio, and think demanding everyone walk the politically correct tight rope is extremely overdone in today’s media.  The Klown recognition is solely based on the obvious hypocritical world these groups always reside in whenever it involves someone that is a Republican or Conservative.  Many of these groups called for ESPN’s Stephan A. Smith’s job for making a fairly reasonable point, not blaming females, but illuminating advice he gives to female loved ones about avoiding action to provoke someone that may result with them in an unsafe position.  Smith was National_Organization_for_Women_logolater suspended, but Costello still appears on CNN speaking to her handful of viewers.  The female grievance industry apparently all took vacation at the same exact time similar to the period when Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones accused the Democratic President they favored of crimes against women ranging from sexual harassment to rape.  They also stood by Hillary Clinton when she launched a smear campaign against a female White House intern when her hold on power was undermined by the acts of her husband.  The baseless attacks Sarah Palin has incurred since 2008, many insinuating gender related substance, have yet to upset these groups.  An understanding of the Grievance Pyramid will explain how many of these organizations select who deserves defense, and who deserves their silence.  Bristol Palin and her sister deserve no defense or grievance outrage simply because they are the offspring of a conservative female.

Never fear, these liberal political operatives masquerading as issue based organizations will not be damaged by their hypocrisy as they have been exposed many times before this event.  There is little doubt they will champion Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate even after recent releases illustrating her smearing Monica Lewinsky.  An interesting event that followed Costello’s giggling report, and subsequent complaints from conservatives, Costello offered a weird apology to a “straw man“.  We suggest Costello and her fellow liberal colleagues that found great humor in the audio, join with liberal chauvinistic female grievance groups in apologizing to the subjects of their “War of Conservative Women”.  They can start with Bristol Palin.

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