Klown of the Week – Gwyneth Paltrow

The Kartel Klown represents the individual or organization that has taken action in the past week that allows them to stand out from the crowd as foolish at best.  The Kartel Klown is an achievement for the week, but a title for eternity…

There are select few individuals that commonly become candidates for weekly Kartel Klown recognition simply by speaking publicly, and this weeks honoree is a member of that list.  The Kartel Klown for the week (ended 10/11/2014) is Obama groupie Gwyneth Paltrow.  Paltrow held a fundraiser for President Obama and fellow Democrats at her home in Brentwood, California where she illustrated her unique ability to make ridiculous statements.  Speaking to the crowd of “one percenters”, Paltrow informed the President of the United States that she had difficulty speaking in his presence because she found him so handsome.  Then the crowd gained an understanding of why Paltrow truly is the Queen of Planet Dumbass.  Worth nearly $150 Million, and growing up wealthy in a lifestyle that has allowed her to be placed ahead of more deserving actors consistently, Paltrow claimed how important she considers Obama’s work towards pay equality for women and “working mothers” similar to her.  She then attempted to shame those who refuse to allow President Obama to have complete power.  It is apparent Paltrow is not a fan of the whole 3 equal branches thing, or that old document people call the Constitution.

We are not bothered by Paltrow’s ignorance, but are repulsed by her continued willingness to ensure it is maintained.  It is likely that if she grew up in the towns and with the lifestyles most Americans claim, the closest Paltrow would have come to the “Big Screen” would result from her long career taking stubs at the local Cinema.  That said, we understand that the fortunate hand she was dealt should not be held against her, but we will always reserve the right to resent her continued efforts to claim she understands the daily struggles millions of real working mothers encounter.  She may want to ask her nanny or one of her housekeepers to share this knowledge with her before she decides to speak in public the next time.

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