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Klown of the Week: Rula Jabreal

Islamic activist and indirect terrorism apologist Rula Jabreal appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last week and earned recognition as Kartel Klown of the Week (ending 11/01/2014).  Jabreal is recognized in the United States as the MSNBC Contributor that was removed from the network after she attacked the network on air for bias coverage in favor of Israel.  As a Palestinian Muslim, Jabreal often appears to consider all coverage bias when any attempt to acknowledge the truth in regards to Palestine, and other impoverished Muslim Nations.  On the heels of the Bill Maher controversy related to his invitation to speak at the UC Berkley Graduation Commencement, Jabreal could not resist displaying her true colors once again.

Since arriving in America, Jabreal has been extremely polarizing and found support mostly limited to the extreme left.  Her response to detractors has been to insinuate her lack of appeal is related to ignorant Americans, racism, and bigotry.  She has always failed to understand that most of the criticism is related to her arrogance and inability engage in conversational debate.  Jabreal routinely attempts to prevent anyone with different views from speaking.  It often becomes comedic as she desperately continues to speak appearing terrified an opposing view will be communicated.  Her time in America attempting to make Palestine appear similar to a North Carolina suburb, and Hamas little more than a community organization has diminished her influence to an anti-American crowd.  This is to be expected when your ideology and perspective is too far left for MSNBC.  Currently, Jabreal is claiming the role of Foreign Policy Expert which is as silly as her views.  The clip from the show below illustrates a lack of confidence in her views, and is highlighted by her almost refusal to allow others to speak, much less consider what they are saying.


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