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Klown of the Week – South Miami City Council

The Kartel Klown represents the individual or organization that has taken action in the past week that allows them to stand out from the crowd as foolish at best.  The Kartel Klown is an achievement for the week, but a title for eternity…

The Kartel Klown for the week (ending 10/18/2014) is awarded to the trio of council members representing the City of South Miami that passed a resolution for the State of Florida to divide into two parts.  Succession authority, which requires approval from the entire state and subsequent approval from the United States Congress, somehow made it on the agenda of the council that governs 2.5 miles of land; a land mass commonly referred to as a farm in Kansas.  Elected to represent a population of just over 10,000 citizens, the council felt empowered to speak for approximately half of the counties in Florida including much larger metropolitan areas of Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Melbourne, Ft. Myers, Naples and St. Petersburg.  Technically, the resolution was passed a couple weeks ago, but it took over a week to be noticed by national wire services.


As Floridian’s, we are not shocked by the cry of succession considering residents of Key West self-identify themselves as citizens of the Conch Republic, but the waste of time that took place in the City of South Miami is less amusing.  Their resolution

The-Golden-Girlsclaims the elected leaders in Tallahassee do not provide enough protection for their environmental causes.  The trio that we are almost certain once went on a triple date with Blanch, Dorothy and Rose decided that pointless resolutions are their mandate.  We do not dismiss the discussion of succession, or the three citizens of Florida taking part in the cause, but it is not within the scope of their role as council members of a very small city.  We actually think there is a valid argument for a few states to be divided, but we do not support any divisions as of today.  So far, it is rumored they have received support from U.S. Flag manufacturers, as well as map printers.

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