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Self-defined conservatism, or Konservatism, is simply the result of the individual’s efforts in arriving at a conservative ideology that lacks a required conformity.  The Kartel King, founder of the Konservative Kartel, cautions the impression that Konservatives are located all over the political spectrum, but utilize deeply held conservative convictions to define individual policy positions.  If that is in opposition to other conservatives or the Republican Party, the result is considered neither good nor bad.

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He believes most Konservatives are “wannabe” Libertarians, but recognize the land of hypocrisy is cluttered with individuals that claim to be Libertarians, as it is an ideology that functions best in theory.  The simplistic formula for a Konservative is 70% Republican, 20% Libertarian, and 10% the individual.  Essentially, a Konservative is almost always a Republican that utilizes Libertarian principles to keep their positions honest, and inserts their individual interpretation to create their truth.

Konservatism Blend

Republican Logo
Republican Logo


The foundation of Konservatism is built on traditional positions of the Republican Party. 


Libertarian ideology in its pure form is absolute.  Konservatives lean towards Libertarian ideology to keep positions honest.
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individual 125


Although the smallest element, it should be considered the active ingredient of this blend.  Individuals must have conviction that their position is supreme, which requires individual interpretation of items to reach a position.

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