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Krugman on Drugs

When President Trump introduced the “American Patients First” blueprintfor reducing drug prices, it was inevitable that the Democrats and their media enablers would immediately denounce the plan, the team that put it together, and the President himself. And, when it became clear that Trump wasn’t going to grant Medicare the power to impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry under the guise of negotiation, our friends on the left didn’t even have to think of any new pretext for their obligatory kvetch fest.
All they had to do was dust off the absurd claim that the only way to truly control drug prices was to unleash the awesome bargaining acumen of CMS bureaucrats on the latter day robber barons of BIG Pharma. Thus, it wasn’t shocking that Paul Krugman’s contribution to the chorus of complaints also included that shopworn argument. It was something of a surprise, however, to see that Krugman

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