Leaked Julian Assange message: Hillary is a ‘well connected, sadistic sociopath’

A former Wikileaks volunteer has leaked private messages sent between Julian Assange and a group of his supporters to the Intercept. The messages, 11,000 in all, were sent privately on Twitter and stretch from mid-2015 to November 2017. The Intercept correctly points out that a lot of the points Assange made privately to the group he also made publicly in various interviews. What’s different about the messages is that they provide an “unfiltered window” into his thinking.
For instance, it’s no secret that Assange is not a fan of Hillary Clinton. In 2016 he said the pro-Clinton media was erecting a “demon,” one that would “put nooses around everyone’s neck” if Clinton were elected (video below). Still, in private, Assange was far less kind in his assessment of Hillary [emphasis added]:
“We believe it would be much better for GOP to win,” he typed into a private Twitter direct message group to an assortment of

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