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Learning to Stay Alive and Healthy to Vote in Many More Cycles

I am just back from surgery, having been sidelined for several weeks. As a rabbi, an attorney, and as a person who endeavors to grow more knowledgeable over time, I have learned a great deal from congregants, from clients, and from life about issues involved in staying alive and well. Most of us keep our personal medical information and subsequent health education private, but there is value in sharing when it can save a life. So I share.
Back in 2006, I was rabbi at the one nightmare congregation I have encountered during my 37-year rabbinical career. It was the worst place a rabbi ever could be. It was even worse than that. I found solace in friendships with several Christian pastors, good friends of mine, who shared that they also had experienced such church ministries. They even introduced me to a book that helped me through that period: Clergy Killers by G.

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