Legalize Sex Work

Who owns our bodies? I think that we do.
Therefore, once we’re, say, 18, we ought to have the right to rent our bodies to someone else.
But we don’t. Women who do that get arrested. So do their customers.
I refer to prostitution, of course. Sex work is a better term. Under any name, it’s illegal in America, except in eight counties in Nevada.
Some feminists say sex work must be outlawed because prostitutes are exploited. Julie Bindel of Justice for Women says, “I’ve interviewed a lot of sex buyers, and they talk about women like they’re human toilets or spittoons for men’s semen.”
Maybe some men do.
But does that mean women should not be allowed to rent their bodies?
“No!” says sex worker Christina Parreira: “I feel more exploited by these supposedly liberal women telling me that I’m being exploited.”
Parreira is a University of Nevada Ph.D. student who, to study prostitutes, became one. She

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