Liberals Double Down on Dumb

(Steven Hayward) Paul and I have already commented on the invincible ignorance of Sen. Brian Schatz’s comment that invoking “Anglo-American heritage” is racist, and it really does seem as though Sen. Schatz was jumping to someone’s talking points memo about what right-thinking people on the coasts should say about Attorney General Sessions. Because Schatz has company, such as this from the likely next governor of California:

Not to be left behind is Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe:

There’s just one problem for Tribe. Here’s something he wrote in the Washington Post just last summer:
The foundational case in the Anglo-American legal tradition is Thomas Bonham v. College of Physicians, commonly known as Dr. Bonham’s Case.
Actually, just to be a bit pedantic, Dr. Bonham’s Case was rather more influential on this side of the Atlantic than in England (see the classic books by Bernard Bailyn, Edward Corwin, or James Stoner on this point*), where

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