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Lindsey Grahamnesty lies about Putin, Syria

On just about every issue, in 2016, candidate Trump ran in opposition to Sen. Lindsey Graham. Donald Trump won the presidency; Lindsey Graham quit the race with a near-zero popularity, as reflected in the polls.
The People certainly loathe the senator from South Carolina. A poll conducted subsequently found that Graham was among the least popular senators.
No wonder. Graham is reliably wrong about most things.
But being both misguided and despised have done nothing to diminish Sen. Graham’s popularity with Big Media, left and right. Thus were his pronouncements accorded the customary reverence, during a July 10 segment on Fox News’ “The Story.”
He told anchor Martha MacCallum that, “Putin is not doing anything good in Syria.”
Then again, Lindsey is being consistent. The revival of “one of the world’s oldest Christian communities,” in Syria, is not something the senator we’ve come to know and loathe would celebrate.
It’s true. “A new Syria is emerging

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