Lip-sync competition gets stunning entry from Texas cops

Cops across the country are putting their lip-syncing skills to the test these days, and challenging each other to try and top THAT.
Norfolk, Virginia, “danced and grooved” to “Uptown Funk,” said a report from, and they promptly challenged Yorktown, Ossining and Suffern officers.
“It’s time to step up,” they challenged.
“Departments have used the Backstreet Boys and Miley Cyrus,” the report said.
From News10 came the report about a challenge to the North Adams and Pittsfield departments.
Idaho State troopers recently did “Thunder,” from the Imagine Dragons.
Now officers in Crandall, Texas, have set a new standard.
With their lip-syncing of “God’s Not Dead” by the Newsboys.
Here it is, on on Facebook.
Steven Okin, vice president of home entertainment for Pure Flix Entertainment, wrote to his “Friends at Crandall Police Department,” “What you did is one of the reasons we do what we do. I’m sorry to say we can’t offer anyone a movie deal at

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