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Local News Uncritically Publicizes Mother’s Kidnapping Freakout

The headline is terrifying: “Mother gives warning after attempted abduction at rest stop.”
And yet the story is anything but. See if you feel the same.
“A woman is giving a stark warning after she says two women and three men attempted to abduct her daughter at a rest stop on Interstate 74 in Indiana,” reported in Columbus, Ohio.
Here’s the mom’s Facebook post:

PSA: so we are driving home from Cincinnati and got off at a rest stop for a quick bathroom break. Just my daughter and I went inside (i didn’t have my phone or purse on me). As we were walking in some lady who appeared to be on something, was trying to talk to my daughter, I held her hand the entire way in and walked swiftly ahead. As the lady was trying to talk to us she was also lighting a cigarette which she immediately extinguished upon us

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