Los Angeles street artist savages Google with epic art mocking them for ‘think different, get fired’

Right-wing street artist “Sabo” made headlines on Friday after he posted street art near Google’s Los Angeles offices eviscerating the technology company for recently firing an engineer who held opinions contrary to the biases of the company.
— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 12, 2017
SAYS IT ALL … pic.twitter.com/p6bBH88Cv0
— unsavoryagents (@unsavoryagents) August 12, 2017
Absolutely brutal. pic.twitter.com/Sy2Mh9Mhxc
— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) August 11, 2017
Spotted outside Google’s Venice Beach offices. pic.twitter.com/0SL2idZv0C
— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) August 11, 2017
Street art by Sabo in benches close to Google’s Venice Headquarters. #ThinkDifferent pic.twitter.com/PjpXIu5ewE
— Ignacio Wenley (@IgnacioWenley) August 12, 2017
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sabo plastered the art all around the Venice area of Los Angeles early Friday morning.
From the Hollywood Reporter:

The posters, some of them exceedingly large and very high up, some plastered onto bus-stop benches, some behind glass looking like official advertisements, contrast Google with Apple, distorting the latter’s catchphrase to suggest that thinking different at Google won’t

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