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Love Him Or Hate Him, Trump Deserves Credit For Booming Economy

Economics: As signs that the economy is strengthening become undeniable, the question now is who deserves credit. The evidence is showing fairly conclusively what the correct answer is.
X The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index jumped more than 6% in January to 55.1, which is close to the all time high for this measure and marks the 16th consecutive month the index has been in optimistic territory. The personal financial outlook index climbed to 64, the highest it’s been since 2004.
Other indexes drawn from the monthly IBD/TIPP poll show financial stress down, quality of life up.
IBD/TIPP isn’t alone. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that two thirds say the economy is “excellent or good,” which is the highest ever for this poll. (When Trump took office, just 46% rated the economy as excellent or good in this poll.)
Various economic indicators are coming in better than expected as well. The 4th quarter GDP is

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