Manager: Stormy Daniels is free to violate NDA now that Trump’s lawyer has spoken publicly

I’ll give you my “eight dimensional chess” theory of Michael Cohen’s bizarre announcement last night that he did indeed “facilitate” a payment of $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels. Simply, Stormygate is much less damaging to Trump than Portergate is. Portergate has already claimed the White House staff secretary and may yet consume the White House chief of staff. Stormygate won’t claim anything except a little marital trust between the Trumps. So here’s Cohen tossing a large breadcrumb in the direction of Stormy Daniels and away from Rob Porter in hopes that the media will chase after it. Shrewd!
If you like the eight-dimensional-chess theory, let’s add another dimension to it. Nine-dimensional-chess: Cohen disclosed the payment to Clifford *hoping* that she’d seize on it to break her NDA and start blabbing about her not very scandalous affair with then-private-citizen Trump. It’s like a firefighter starting a smaller, manageable fire to

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